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Individuals and Couples

Psychotherapy and Counselling


(face to face Bristol & Frome)

MSc Integrative Psychotherapy
Diploma in Humanistic Psychotherapy
Qualified Social Worker, Mental Health Nurse and General Nurse.
Registered with UKCP

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. 

Deciding to seek psychological help can be a difficult and sensitive decision. Whether you are seeking to overcome longstanding issues, recent difficulties or you simply want to improve aspects of your life, I offer a psychotherapeutic approach tailored to meet your specific requirements.

My approach is relational, reflective and may challenge - but will always take care to offer you a safe and confidential environment to explore whatever you bring.


Psychotherapy offers you the space to talk to someone who will listen, won't judge and help you understand yourself and your relationships at a very deep level. Above all, Psychotherapy will help you find a way forward that works for you as an individual or as a couple, in both the short and long term. 

Having significant clinical and managerial experience of mental and physical health care as a nurse and social worker, I'm able to a holistic approach to all aspects of psychotherapy 


Please do give me a call and we can speak to see how I can help you.

Highly Experienced Psychotherapist

Couples Counselling

Individual Counselling and CBT

Walk and Talk for Health

My Approach


As a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist, I work holistically, with body and mind, to support your personal growth. We will explore your personal history and environments that have brought you into therapy whilst working towards the changes you are seeking. 

Many clients comment that my style is not what was 'expected' or had experienced previously. That it is relaxed, conversational and includes the knowledge and skills based on many years of practical experience of working in mental health services. 


My practice is informed by childhood development theory, trauma theory and theories relating to how our bodies, specifically our nervous systems respond to what is perceived or real threats. Our bodies, including our brains, are fine-tuned to be in balance (homeostasis) and when we are out of balance this can manifest itself in many ways, both psychological and physical. My work with you will be to support your return to 'balance' in your life.  Whilst I will work with you psychotherapeutically, all my training will be held in mind, to work with you in a holistic way. 


I am particularly interested in 'intergenerational' trauma or trauma that is passed on through previous generations. This comes into our lives in very unconscious ways and is often a factor in both individual and couple work. Sometimes, understanding intergenerational trauma and influences can help us heal what may have been fractured relationships with our families, including parents and children. 

I like to think of my work with you as supporting a happier and more fulfilling life, not only for you but those around you.


Contact Me

My practices have traditionally been based in Bristol and Bath areas. However, for the foreseeable all services are online.  I have worked online for over 6 years so am confident of the results which can be achieved. In fact, my first online client contacted me recently (wanting to refer a friend) stating that our online work of two years had completely changed her life and she was now in a relationship and her long wished for career was now a reality. As a therapist, there is no better feeling than knowing that our therapeutic work together has been long-lasting and made real change. I see people from the whole of Europe and the UK. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 





Tel: 0117 325 2694

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