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My approach is relational, gentle and challenging. I will be there in your pain and will try to bring joy into the room, wherever possible.  I do not believe that psychotherapy is purely about the past, it is also about the present and your future growth. I do not do open-ended silences, but some silence is useful for reflection and to notice how we respond and what we feel.


Psychotherapy is about what happens between two people, the therapist and the client. We will both bring experiences and feelings from our lives into the therapy space and at times, it is useful to explore the impact we are having on one another.  This can give insights into other experiences in our real lives. Being in a therapuetic relationship is not a friendship, but if the dynamic is right, a bond develops, which often supports personal growth and can help rectify difficulties from our past. 


As an Integrative Psychotherapist my practice is informed by childhood development theory, trauma theory and theories relating to how our bodies, specifically our nervous systems respond to what is perceived or real threats. Our bodies, including our brains, are fine-tuned to be in balance (homeostasis) and when we are out of balance this can manifest itself in many ways, both psychological and physical. My work with you will be to support your return to 'balance' in your life.  Whilst I will work with you psychotherapeutically, all my training will be held in mind, to work with you in a holistic way. 


I am particularly interested in 'intergenerational' trauma or trauma that is passed on through previous generations. This comes into our lives in very unconscious ways and is often a factor in both individual and couple work. Sometimes, understanding intergenerational trauma and influences can help us heal what may have been fractured relationships with our families, including parents and children. 

I like to think of my work with you as supporting a happier and more fulfilling life, not only for you but those around you.