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  • Sessions are agreed between client and therapist.  These are normally weekly or twice weekly. Occasionally, two weekly sessions may be agreed. These will be confirmed in writing by the therapist

  • A week’s notice must be given to cancel a session or the session will be charged at the normal rate. 

  • If the client is ill, the session can be re-arranged. However, if the session cannot be re-arranged by the client the fee is payable.

  • If the therapist has to cancel a session, no fee is payable.

  • All payments for the sessions are to be held in advance, through bank transfer, cash or card transaction. Invoices are available on request. The therapist will make bank details available to you in the letter which confirms arrangements.

  • Fees are increased annually in March.

  • It is a legal requirement that the therapist keeps a record of sessions. I abide by GDPR.

  • All clients must provide their full details, including full legal name, address, date of birth, G.P. and who to contact in an emergency. 

  • Holiday periods, normally run concurrent with school holidays. These will be notified to you at least a month in advance.  

  • In the event of therapist serious illness, clients will be contacted by a peer therapist who will keep you 


  • informed and if necessary, support you in finding an alternative therapist.

  • As a member of the UKCP, I abide by their code of ethics.



Sessions will take place on








Agreed Fee:


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