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Areas of Expertise


I offer individual sessions which usually run for 50 minutes. I also offer extended sessions of 100 minutes, which can be particularly useful, if you are in crisis. Sessions are weekly or twice weekly. I offer psychotherapy, counselling and behavioural interventions.


Psychotherapy is a longer-term commitment to understanding oneself, our relationship(s) with others, which can support in-depth understanding and huge potential for lasting change.. Psychotherapy is particularly useful for more complex issues, such as complex trauma, early attachment issues, dissociation and dealing with long term concerns including issues of sexuality.  Contracts are often for 52 weeks with a review period at 40 weeks, to determine if you wish to continue for a longer period.  Open-ended work is also possible.



Counselling is a shorter term commitment and is better suited to a single problem with a clear objective. I am trained to offer brief and time-limited interventions. Counselling is normally contracted for a minimum of 12 weeks, and a review is held at 10 weeks, to determine if more in-depth work is required.


Behavioural Interventions are particularly useful for low to moderate anxiety and phobias. I have been trained in different modalities to work in this area and have practised behavioural techniques over many years. Some interventions may require work within your home setting or other locations, particularly when working with phobias.



The more widely recognised of these is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a NICE recommended intervention for mild anxiety and depression. This treatment focusses on understanding what may be 'triggering' your problems and working on strategies to overcome these. This approach requires a commitment to 'homework' and practising the interventions. This approach can be helpful for some people and conditions, but not all.





I have worked with couples in private practice over several years. Indeed, many of the individuals I have worked with therapeutically initially come to therapy because of relationship issues and break downs. It is not unusual for couples to include individual work on personal issues affecting the relationship.  


I work from a theoretical base of intersubjective or contextual phenomenology, understanding the relationship in the wider context. I also incorporate an understanding of how childhood attachment and development can impact how we are in relationships. This is a formidable combination as it opens up areas of our being together which are often overlooked in the busyness of life. However, there is also a focus on re-attaching or re-coupling, as this is often lost in relationships where there are pressures or trust issues. It is a chance to reinvigorate and bring joy back into your lives.

For couples who are unable to commit to weekly sessions, I offer weekend intensive sessions over Saturday and Sundays for five hours each day. These can be arranged in various, mutually convenient locations.  Price is dependent on how these are to be arranged. 



Health related problems and Corona Virus Concerns

Being both a Registered and Qualified Psychotherapist, Nurse and Social Worker, I am in a unique position to help you deal with the stresses and concerns related to health issues including Corona Virus/Covid 19. 

Whether you have underlying health concerns, have been told to self-isolate, or have friends and relatives impacted by the current restrictions to your life, I can offer online support, both in the short and long term. 

Please do contact me on the by telephone or email, to arrange an initial appointment. 





What I Can Offer you

Online Therapy, Face to Face Bristol and Frome

In these times of restrictions placed on us all because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, this can create immense psychological pressure. 

Whilst Online Therapy may be something you have not considered previously, this may now be the only option available because of restrictions on movement. 

Online therapy is offered via Vsee ( a fully secure online medical/therapy platform. 

My face to face practice is based in Bristol and Frome.  Both are in confidential environments with easy parking and transport links. 

I have worked as a psychotherapist in Private Practice and the NHS for over ten years, alongside other professional careers in the NHS and Social Care. 


In addition, I have extensive, person-centred knowledge from the richness and diversity of my clients.  My practice is inclusive and clients come from all backgrounds, including the unwaged to globally successful people. 

My work with you is confidential and abides by GDPR. 



My Approach
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