What I Can Offer you

Online Therapy, Face to Face Bristol and Frome

In these times of restrictions placed on us all because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, this can create immense psychological pressure. 

Whilst Online Therapy may be something you have not considered previously, this may now be the only option available because of restrictions on movement. 

Online therapy is offered via Vsee (https://vsee.com) a fully secure online medical/therapy platform. 

My face to face practice is based in Bristol and Frome.  Both are in confidential environments with easy parking and transport links. 

I have worked as a psychotherapist in Private Practice and the NHS for over ten years, alongside other professional careers in the NHS and Social Care. 


In addition, I have extensive, person-centred knowledge from the richness and diversity of my clients.  My practice is inclusive and clients come from all backgrounds, including the unwaged to globally successful people. 

My work with you is confidential and abides by GDPR. 




Bristol Bath Frome & Skype